Thank You Celebrate Kirkland Volunteers

By July 16, 2017News
Image of the anitque fire engine in the July 4th Kirkland parade with city council members and mayor waving to the crowds


Image of Penny Sweet organizer of Celebrate Kirkland July 4th parade and fireworks and City Council Member

This is the 18th Year “Celebrate Kirkland” has returned, says Penny Sweet, event organizer.  And without our volunteers, we would not be able to hold the July 4th parade and fireworks. Our theme for 2017 is “Liberty and Justice For All” in an effort to make sure everyone who works, lives and plays in Kirkland is welcome.

This year, as in most years, we need at least 90 volunteers and everyone is so grateful to have Susan Bromery to help run the Celebrate Kirkland Volunteer Program.

To show the world we have the best volunteers anywhere, we thank every one of you for your hard work, commitment and dedication and hope you loved your volunteer experience, made new friends and wish to return again next year to make our Celebrate Kirkland the best event ever.


Image of the Celebrate Kirkland July 4th T Shirt of 2017
I moved to Kirkland last August from Fort Lauderdale in order to live near my son…I had been out to Seattle once in the last 10 years and fell in love with it then, so of course I jumped at the opportunity to move out here!  I had been looking around to get involved with a good organization to volunteer ….but was very picky so I took my time.  I work full time so it had to fit into my work schedule as well.  I was lucky enough to fall upon Kirkland Downtown Association and emailed Barbie who was the contact.  Eventually she convinced me to be the coordinator for volunteers for the July 4th Celebration…I’m so glad I did!
The people involved are fantastic….such positive, enthusiastic people and this was a great opportunity for me to get involved and meet people!  I have always volunteered with various places but have not had any experience with such great people as I now have!  I am very grateful to be involved and look forward to continued involvement with KDA for many events to come!



Scott Adams
Dottie Anderson
Maureen Baskin
Jessica Bielstein
Meredith Bogguess
Cherese Bourgoin
Susan Bromery
Christina Brugman
Claire Bruining
Kate and Rob Butcher
Sherry Calvert
Norb Caoili
Nikkie Cooper
Mary De Friel
Doug Davis
CJ DiMeglio
Steph Dickson
Katya Difani
Lynn DuPaul
Suzanne and Jenna Everard
Vera Fahl
Bonnie Fletcher
Denise Furneaux
Kimberly Garmoe
Michael Garrett
Shellie Gerhing
Dee Ghiran

Rod Graham
Peggy Grandke
Iris Grasst
Eva Grubaugh
Sally Hanson
Kristie Harris
Matthew Harris
Michel Henninot
Mimi Herrenberg
Shawna Hickey
Jim and Carolyn Hitter
James Hoff
Casey Howard
Kai Hubbell
Ren Hubbell
Janet Isaacson
Yu Iwasaki
Christina Jillings
Deirdre Johnson
Tim Johnstone
Amanda Judd
Lynn Kacatin
Brenda Kaufmann
Kim Kelly
Siyoo Ko
Linda Lane
Bonnie Lindberg

Claire (15 Yo) Longcore
Barb Loomis
Ian Luke
Rubinna Mamdani
Tajdin Mamdani
Kristen Marshall
Lyle Matznick
Bob & Carolyn McConnell
Lindy McDonough
Karen Monro
Nanda Morse
Koyo Nakamura
Dee Narayanan
Di O’Farrell
Jim O’Farrell
Laurie Pacheco
Gina Panzica Simpson
Tricia Parker
Glenn Peterson
A. Peyton
Karin Quirk
Varonica Ragan
Mike Reynolds
Terry Rose

Aaru S.
Niru S.
Debbie Sakai
Christina Schiefer
Yolanda Smith
Calvin Song
Marcia Stein
Jeremy Stone
Terry Strausser
Serena Sutherland
Penny Sweet
Jen Swift
Karen Thiel
Anam Virani
Mary Lou Walen
Matthew Wallace
Daniel Wen
Elaine Wilson
Linda Yates
Yuma Yoshikawa
Jan and Zoe Young
kathy Youngers
Kate Zealey

If you were a volunteer for Celebrate Kirkland and you don’t see your name here, it’s possible.  Please write to us via the Contact Form here and include your name, the hours you worked, what you did and who your supervisor was.  We want to thank you publicly and know that some wonderful people just turn up on the event day to help without going through our Signup Genius volunteer page.