Collection of pot planters and brooms

Welcome to Operation Clean Sweep Kirkland

We have several opportunities during 2017 to help keep our city beautiful.  Please visit the Kirkland Downtown Volunteer page to sign up to volunteer.  The preparation for Clean Sweep spring and summer comes up soon.

Thank You Operation Clean Sweepers 2016

Thank You to everyone that helped spruce up Downtown Kirkland on Saturday, April 30,2016. We will have this year’s Spruce Up Kirkland information in the next few weeks.  Thank You in particular to the following volunteers for making a difference in 2016:

Laurie Topness plus 1
Sue Contreras
Aaron Gazes
Mary Lou Walen
Hae Sue Park plus 1
Linda Yates
Marci DeBaun plus 3
Lisa Letang plus 1
Serena Koo
Paige Trewhella
Corey Gorle
Walt Krueger
Dottie Anderson
Challi McKean

Kendra Dresner plus 3
Barbie Young
Neal Hughes
Steph Dickson
Penny Sweet
Larry Springer
Claire Cho
Sarah Snyder
Glenn Peterson
Julie Metteer
Jeanne Large
Samantha St John
Doug Davis
Ronda Kriz
Teeny Ayento plus 1

You are awesome and we want everyone who visits Kirkland to know that it’s these people that pretty the city just for you!

If you would like more information on this event or would like to volunteer for any of our other events, don’t hesitate to call the office at 425-822-7066. Or fill in our Volunteer Form. We would love to hear from you.


Volunteers at Operation Clean Sweep Kirkland