What is the Kirkland Downtown Association Mission

The Kirkland Downtown Association’s Mission is to ensure our unique downtown community is vibrant, connected and flourishing.

How We Plan To Accomplish This

The Vision

We need to develop a sustainable structure for the KDA which includes the design of a sustainable revenue stream through memberships, sponsorships and event/activity revenue.  We will also need to expand the KDA staff structure so we can deliver high quality services.  And of course we must attract and retain talented board members.

We also need to provide exceptional support and advocate on behalf of our downtown community by introducing tools that act as a communication hub for our community and visitors. Already we have developed a collaborative working relationship with city leaders and community organizations.  We will continue to host and manage community programming.

From now we will articulate a unified, unique purpose, rebrand the KDA and make stronger connections with diverse audiences and partners.

Image of a heart covered in dark blue spots