Help the Kirkland Nourishing Network

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Can you help hungry Kirkland kids with a box of food? Kirkland Nourishing Network is trying to fill some gaps in food security in our town. We are continuing to work to help with identified gaps while we seek more sustainable solutions for these kids and their families.

  • We aren’t set up to take money, but we might be able to make connections with members of the Eastside Timebank or a youth group to shop for a limited number of those that would not otherwise be able to donate. Send any requests for this assistance to D Asher
  • We develop a standard menu that is easy to shop for in local grocery stores. Each box is under $50. Find this on December Holiday Break
  • The key to this whole effort is to bring together the means in our community to help those in need. So, if you, or your circle of friends, can do a box or two, great!
  • We are expanding to help all elementary schools in our area
  • We work with counselors and teachers to identify the most needy students
  • Families of these students receive donated food to help during school breaks when students are not receiving meal support at school or through weekend Pantry Packs
  • Our neighbors have more needs that we think; but, together, we can help to fill real needs

Kirkland Nourishing Network is you and your neighbors that pitch in to help. Together, we make this a success well beyond what any one of us could do.

Phone: 425-681-3283 | Connect with us here | Email Us | Connect With Us on Facebook