The Kirkland Downtown Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization representing the common interests of Kirkland’s downtown business community. KDA members include business owners, property owners, and members of the community who are dedicated to the vibrancy of Downtown Kirkland. They support each other, provide funds and volunteer hours to promote inspiring community events which encourage people to visit, shop, live, work, and play in Downtown Kirkland’s unique waterfront setting. The KDA actively supports the City of Kirkland and the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce efforts in business recruitment, growth, and development.


Community Projects:


Sponsor or Donate: It costs nearly half a million dollars to put on all these events each year.  We are able to do it because of the generosity of you (our community) and through sponsorships.  We bring hundreds of thousands of people to Downtown Kirkland to have a great time. We are a 501(c)3 and your donations go a long way!

Does your company match donations?  That’s even better! Does your company want exposure to hundreds of thousands of people?  Talk to us!

Volunteer!  We need nearly 1000 volunteers to operate these events!  Summerfest alone requires 500 volunteers! We rely on volunteerism to make this work!  Is there an event that you are passionate about? Please come work with us!